Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-05-12 01:04:04 (UTC)

A Simple Decision For A Simple Problem

Tremulously tumbling through tortuous words
Boldly bashing battered brains against brick walls
Annoyingly analyzing altruistic anecdotes
Manipulatively monitoring mixed metaphors
Pedantically pummeling pure untainted poetry!

"Excuse me, young sir,
But your poem is repetitious and borders on simplicity.
The structure is...good
For a little tyke.
However, I must say for a high school student, it does
Me as an atrocity."

No less.
Eighteen years of mind-boggling mistakes-
Learning from actions of perfect lunacy
So many lessons learned.
So many bridges burned.
Why must society stray from taht which is simple?

Perhaps society wishes to ignore such a simply complicated
Then, why has the spread of this horrendous infection not
This festering sore of complication through complicatedness-
The cure to such a disease: to teach simplicities through
simple messages,
Not to muddle the very means of prevention.

Must the poem change its pathogenic prevention path?
No. A simple decision for a simple problem.

-Jason Bouwkamp

I wanna meet that kid. He goes to Jenkins. He has an
EXTREMELY valid point. I mean, Ive gotten something
totally differnt out of a poem than what my teacher says is
the meaning. I know why Emily Dickenson didnt want people
reading her poems. She didnt want the meanings fuddled
up. Teachers can be stupid. Im doomed. Lol.

Marie called me today. I was so happy. *Grin*

And last night, I was talking to like, this 36 yr old guy
*i didnt know* and he didnt believe i was 16, and he was
hitting on me. lol. I felt bad though, cuz his wife died
three years ago of some kinda trauma to the brain. :-/ so
he has to raise 3 girls on his own...

Anyways, my baby is on, so Im gunna go talk to him.

Matt, I love you. Huggles, marie, I loves you too.