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2001-06-06 10:59:46 (UTC)


Wow it's been a while since I've written...

It's been such an exciting weekend & finally I'm at rest..

Lets see Thursday night I wish I hadn't gone out...It was
such bummers & hella sucked...Went to slept at 53oa friday
morning..Had to get up at 8a to take a friend to run
errands and was alright...thought i was gonna miss
my flight but yea...that night got hella faded..and i
hooked up w/someone i really regret it...n daym woke up
with a huge hickie on my neck..gave him one too...which i
didn't know till the next he was graduating

Saturday night...Wen't to my cousin's graduation 3 of them
it was really nice..i just don't think i wanna see another
graduation...i begin to reminence about daym i wish it was
me once again...Saturday night came n omg hella big partie
it was like in the old days...Well I tried to apologize
to "L" ugh he's such an asshole...anyways..i was stuck with
a hickie..well got hella faded...

Sunday wake up a to 2p with a mean ass hang over...flight
was at 35o home n yay finally heard from "Mr.C"
we'll Im just to tired to mention what happened n all I'll
continue this later....

Hey, things are begining to get a little brighter...Finally
getting over "Mr.A"

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