2002-05-12 00:02:10 (UTC)

9 More Dayz Til Freedom

Alrite, so skewlz almost over and i just can not wait!
omg, i am so gonna be runnin out of da hallwayz
screaming 'freedom alas!' you guyz just do not understand
how stressful my sophomore year has been for me. between
relationships and gifted classes, i can only explain it in
three words. a living hell. i mean, my teachers were the
devil incarnate, and all da homework i had tp put up with
dis year was pure rubbish.

And why are all these classes neccessary anywayz? I just
wanna be a writer, i know my talent for the art is not
brillaintly displayed in dis diary but i like to practice
my slang terms whenever i'm online. anywho, i think my
gift is that of writing and i am even writing a novel at
da moment. so y do i need to know da quadratic formula,
and kramer's rule, and the configurations for elements? Y
must I sit through an hour and a half of history every
other day (though I do enjoy history,but still...) and
what difference does it make if I can calculate the
potential energy of an object at rest atop a 100 fott high
mountain if all i want to be is an author?

So writing can't be my career someone might say. Mmkay,
I understand dat, i mean not all of us can be best
sellers. BUt i really wanna do sumthin in da Arts, ya
know? I dunno....I'm at a lost for career choices.

:Sigh: My senior friends are gonna be leaving monday,
dat really suckz bcuz i only hang out w/ seniors most of
da time. I have to uphold their legacy when they leave
bcuz they taught me alotta philosophical stuff. especially
levi, dat kid is a genious, and marcus as well-as much as
i hat to admit it.

well, i think my stress about skewl has been relieved
now. i'll cya latah