2001-06-06 09:06:43 (UTC)

thank you for being there for me....

its the day after.. im quite okey actually...
i didnt sleep de whole of last night...
i dont know... everythings seems vaguely clear... heh, dats
an oxymoron aint it...
dis morning i tried to make breakfast ( it was actually by
then lunch time) didnt feel like eating rice so i made
myself a peanut butter jelly sandwich.. things is, the
peanut butter was all frozen coz it was left in de fridge..
so i brilliantly put it in the microwave and heat it up..
and so, when it was ready i didnt noe it was gonna be so
hot.. i lifted it and dropped it a nanosecond later.. the
melted peanut butter spillled and some dropslets of that
hot liquid magma got onto my chest and it was scalding
hot!!! i was like shouting!! and so now to remind me of
this very fateful incident i have round 'scarrings' on my
chest... veghry nice.

and oh yah, i had a nice peanut butter sandwich still..

my best friend hema, called me up dis morning to wake up to
skool .. i skipped school today.. MALAS... dats malay for
lazy... i told myself i was going to do elementary maths..
but im still on the pc rite now... oh well...

so let me juz give a run thru on whats buzzing on my mind..

1. de family problem thingy... imma still thinkin abt it..
2. me and dy... but we're ok.. we're good. so dats not so
3. schoolwork.. olevels... de studies and de fees.. and
should i skip dis year and do em next year.. dis is serious
4. is siti angry at me?
5. ma's goin for hols in down under.. 10 days.. sigh.
6. money.... lack of it.
7. my back pain.. and my knee pain.. stupid pills not

well.. 7 for today.. 7 is a good numero.. till then. byez~

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