Life as I know it.
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2001-06-06 07:56:44 (UTC)

my liver is hating me

Hey everyone, Yes another day spent binge drinking and
wasiting money, oh yes I am sure to find a job soon but eh
its not working that well. Jenn needs money bad. Today i
basically hung out with alan, i saw my friend emily today
too so that was cool, and i actually applied for
jobs......woohoo! I also drank a lot today, but that is
nothing new but get this fucking thing.

So im at alan's and we are laeving to go to Tabitha's to
get Office Space and I realize that someone left me a voice
mail on my cell phone. It was my best friend from
highschool telling me that the boy that i was madly in love
with most of my highschool life is gay. Yes gay. Now see
it did bother me but not too much. For I am a fag hag, yes
a fag hag. Also a few months earlier one of my best male
friends at highschool was at this gay bar and introduced me
to his boyfriend right out of the blue...did I know he was
gay in highschool? No. SO I might be getting used to male
friends and loves being gay. I wouldnt be surprised if
every male i ever knew was gay, im kinda expecting it now.
But hey no p roblem cause I love gay men right now a hell
of a lot more than straight men.

I was like falling asleep less than an hour ago on alan's
couch but now that im home im wide awake once again. My
hippie neighbors are up.....god are they both fucking hot.
NIce body, nice boys. One is my future husband (tho he
doesnt know it yet, he will be mine, oh yes he will be
mine) and the other can be my future mistress or whatever
the man counterpart is called. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.....and
its so nice that they enjoy walking aruond half naked, i so
dont complain. This thought will make for pleasant dreams