sex kitten

life of a porn star
2002-05-11 22:50:45 (UTC)


so last night we wentout for maggies birthday. we did the
canada thing again. so we went to the rainforest cafe for
dinner first. cathrine had like 5 sexon the beaches and she
got me an ameretto sour. so then maggie and jackie went to
the car to make out or whatever and me cathrine and lu went
to the bar at the hardrock cafe and i had 3 more amarettto
sours. so then we were kinda tipsy and cathine was kissing
lu and luante her really bad but cathhrine was teasing her
all night. so then i was talking about how something turned
me on and cathrine was like - ya know i could totlly see..
and then she covered her mouth and started laughing. so
then she was like steph we are gonna end up hooking up and
then u are gonna want me. and i said i wouldnt.then we went
back to the car and lu and cath were all over each other
and i felt like the 3rd wheel. so we get back to maggies
and we were in her attic and lu and cathrine went in the
bedroom and they fooled around. so then we took lu home and
went back to maggies again. so we were in her livng room
and we started watching figt we got bore with that
and we decided to play spin the bottle. so i went first and
i was supposed to kiss jackie but she got scared and we
just pecked. then i had to kiss cathrine and it was so
normal, and i sorta have to admitt i liked it a little. so
i had to kiss maggie next but that was just gross bc se is
my bf, and she has braces lol. so then i had to kiss
cathrne lik 3 more times and it was all around hallarious,
i guess we were feeing expirimental. so um yeah that was my