my pathetic life
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2002-05-11 17:50:30 (UTC)


i went to a show last nite, it was fun i guess. i met a few
new people and i talk to 3 of the guys in the nicofiends.
they're really cool. they played really great. a couple of
my friends bands played that nite too, they were good. the
p.a. broke in the begining and so it pushed back the whole
show so i was tired and no fun at the end of the show.

tonite my friends new band (shines through) is playing. its
his first show with this band so im going to support him.
i told him the he had to sream for me durring the show so
the band wrote a new song and he screams in it so im happy.
the show is at the jewish center so its gona be all the lil
metal kids and the mamas boys. it should be fun. someone
said that there is going to be some jazz bands playing, i
wonder y they invited a emocore band to this thing then, o

gosh, i havent written in this thing in a while. well, ive
been listenin to more bands lately and trying to find some
new ones for me to listen to. so far ive found a few good
ones. i like metal but in not a "fan" of a lot of metal
bands mostly cuz im to lazy to find some. but ive found
evergreen terrace (hardcore), theyre really good. o and
Thrice, gosh i like them a lot. theyre so good.

my bro is going to prom tonite. i hope he has fun. and i
really hope he doesnt get into trouble. he scares me
sometimes, like he cant control himself. but thats another

"betrayed by a love. sweet nothings gone forever. please
let me go. you dont know"
-evergreen terrace