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2001-06-06 05:33:51 (UTC)

something. nothing. hm.

i wonder how much of this
had lost its meaning.
now that you have left it all behind.
i always smoked too much around you.
i always missed you too much, when i was without you.
its like my life is a big dream.
stuck on rewind...
so little has ever mattered to me.
and now that youve left too.
im struck by the reality.
no person has been real.
no promise has been kept.
but here.
am i.
you were the realness.
that kept me in tact.
and what exactly am i.
without that.
a dream..
a scheme...
but what was gained.
does not measure with
what was lost.
and you have no idea.
of what exactly it cost, me.
goodness is found.
only when it is sought after.
and you lied.
you lied.
and i got sick.
of trying.
but now..
it seems.
all your nothingless.
meant more to me.
than all of the somethings.
ive had before.