Pure, White and Cold
2001-06-06 05:30:05 (UTC)

Pointless... It's Just a Scratch After All


Hello! I'm back!!!!!!!!!! MWAAA HA HA HA!!!!!!!
Sorry, that was me on drugs. Yeah! I can't believe I
actually lived through this! Exams! Finished! For! This!
Term! Yesssssss!!!!

But that doesn't mean that school's over.

Oh! I cut my hair! Er.... mum cut my hair! It's now this
long (points) but you can't see it so.... it's now just
below my shoulder. Before it was down to my waist and it
was getting annoying.

John is singing next to me.... its very annoying.

Now that exams are over, I've got to do all my assignments
now. History (yuck), maths (double yuck), english acting
thingy (triple yuck), PE reproductive system assignment
( get the idea...).
Why dear lord? Why?!
That reminds me... now that my exams are finished, I can't
use the "study" excuse to skip meetings.

Oh man... there's not much to say....

Jane (in New Zealand, remember?) seems kinda lonely.... I
wonder if she's ok. That e-mail she sent me cried out for
attention. I wonder how she's doing. Poor gal. As far as I
know, all her closest friends are moving to Australia or

I keep on thinking that it's Monday today.... must be the
stupid exams.

Sally is a complete and utter.... ohhh!! PAIN! I'm not
having an arguement with her or anything... I mean, she
doesn't know that I'm pissed off with her, but you don't
keep friends if you are ever angry with them. Everything my
friends do to me that pisses me off I shut up and hold it
in. And then I take it out on mum ;P. Anyway, Sally. She
hasn't given back my Slayers TRY cd! But I'm not angry with
her about that. No way! You know what pisses me off?! It's
the way she shrugs off her friends and tosses them aside.
Actually, I'm kinda disappointed in her. She should know
better that to be a hypocrite.

School is so boring... more than usual I mean. It all seems
so pointless to study all the time. So what? We're all
going to die. And the people that get somewhere in life
ain't always the people who get A's in their reports. I
don't want to study, I want to check out the world, I want
to go places, I want to be someone, not like my mum, not
just another person in the world. But life's not like that,
I guess. You try to carve a place for yourself in the wall
of humanity but at the end, compared to everything, it's
only a tiny scratch and no-one ever notices it. No one even
cares if you fail. How odd. Why are people like this? I
don't get it. Why do people strive towards something that
they know will be, in the end, just a memory?

"The Goal is the Theory of Everything".

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