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2002-05-11 16:08:23 (UTC)

The Nick Of Name

I wanted to do an entry about M. I still might. But first I
must go to the toilet. It's 1.45am and I want to get to
bed, so I shall make it quick..It's either this or sms and
I have been prolly doing that too much of late in the early
hours of morn..But I told her. It would be the early hours
of morn I'd find myself awake and think about her a little.
I mean it doesn't have to be a lot..It just has to be a
little and the feeling to reach out in some way happens.
And I haven't been here in a little And I haven't done
anything really for her to read other than my whinge, sooks
and bitchy moans about dickwad. Which I know aren't that
fantastic for anyone else. And even if they help me, I
really should take breaks from it. So here I be..But
firstly I must pee.

*dashes off*

And I don't need to call her M. I can call her by her full
given name, Melissa.... Melissa. Hmmmmm..But I do mainly
call her Mel or Fuckface or Cutie.. Yet to come up with a
nickname. I don't know why it's so important that I do. But
I want to. She calls me Pinkle. She was the first person
ever to call me by my last name and I'd not let it grate. I
used to hate any such idea of people using anything but
Kim. Like Kimberly used to be ewwwwwwww and Kimmy used to
be arghhhhh...And Pinker, was just totally unheard of. Now
I'm Kimsy, Kimeth, Kiblet, Kimpy...Mostly now everything
BUT Kim...Funny how things change. Kinda like taste buds I
guess. Or our tastes in wine. They do say as you age you
tend to lean towards the drier wines. *Ick*...Please do not
let that happen, cause I soooo do not like dry wines. Ahhh
well maybe I'll go from a Kim to a Pinkle in wine tasting

So I've racked my brain for nick names for Melissa. They've
been all over the place. My latest has been Minkle and
Toastie. I mean I guess it comes across like a couple
thing. To me it's just a thing I guess. Cause she's got
this way of saying Pinkle when she's tired and about to
drop off the end of the phone, while I'm there rambling
away. And it's just a way. It's warm. And all I have in
return is "Melissa"...I just like the way she says Pinkle.
And I'd like to one day just call her something and her
go.."Hey, I like how you say that, or how you call me
that." Maybe I'm trying too hard and something will just
come. I guess I could maybe try again next year.

Kim: Melissa it's nick name trial time again..I've got 12
this year. Can I run them by you?"
Mel: Jesus..You're obsessed Pinkle. *starts falling asleep*
Kim: But seeee, how you called me Pinkle then. It was all
nice and cosy....and and..I just want to call you
something...something warm, snuggly, cute and you..
Mel: Pinkleeeeeeeeeeeeee..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..

So yes, but me will shaddup now. Cause I really ought to
learn when to shut up.

Anyway, I think this has curbed my little tiny desire to
sms and say.."awwo"...I want to write more, but it's silly
of me to stay up later and then later wonder what the heck
i was doing up so late writing about nick names and the way
Melissa says Pinkle. But it's cute and she's cute.

Hmmmm how

*toddles off to bed*...

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