Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2001-06-06 04:46:01 (UTC)

Online Romance... Again

I've met a few guys online. Some that I really met later... others
that I knew I'd never see in person. I was even crazy enough to fall
for a few of them, even though I wouldn't admit that to most of my
friends. I guess it is pretty lame. It sounds like something only
15-year-olds do.

The internet is where I met Adam. We hit it off so great. I
remember that I was so sick that I couldn't swallow without wanting
to cry. All I did was sit at home on the internet all day. I guess
it was worth being sick, because I wouldn't have gotten to know him
so well if I wouldn't have. We'd talk in between his classes, and I
became absolutely infatuated. Soon, he was driving down to see me,
and we started dating. I fell so hard for him, and I think he did
the same. Eventually, we broke up. I never got over him. In fact,
we're still friends and we've even spent a few days together now and
then. (I'd tell you all about how I'm so excited that I'll be moving
to where he lives when I go to college, but that's a whole other

Anyway, after Adam, I swore that I'd never let myself fall for
anyone else on the internet, even though it was an awesome experience
with him. But of course, there's always gotta be the exception.

Ironically enough, his name is Adam too. He just popped up out of
the blue one night and told me that he'd checked out my pics and he
thought I was cute. So, over the last few months, we've gotten to be
pretty good friends. We've given each other advice about girls and
guys and everything else, and now we're really starting to care about
each other a lot. We've had a few phone conversations, and he is so
much fun to talk with. I hate to let myself do this, especially
since college will take me even further away from him than I am now,
but I can't help it! He is so amazing.

We're waiting for the right oppurtunity to meet, although we're
both really hesitant about it. 1) It's the internet. People always
have comments about that one. 2) If we don't like each other, it
will be disappointing. 3) If we do hit it off, we'll have to do the
long distance thing. It's pretty scary, especially since I know
where that usually leads.

So, I guess I'm just gonna go with the flow for now. Maybe it'll
be worth the risk. Maybe we'll decide that we don't want to be more
than friends afterall. Who knows? I just hope that everything turns
out for the best.