2002-05-11 08:42:53 (UTC)


It was a day of trips today.

First John went to Albany. He had a coupon to buy some
plastic chairs at Bi-Mart; these will work well for Gavin's
graduation party. They were $4 each with a limit of six and
he bought six along with two small tables.

Later I went to Corvallis to get Owen. First I went to the
library. I actually had to track my books down as they are
converting to a new system to reserve books which means the
system is disabled until June 5th. I found a
book on sketching and made several attempts at drawing birds
later in the evening. This is going to take a lot of
practice if I want to do it well. I also found several more
of the food/mystery series written by Diane Mott Davidson,
some quilting books and magazines and a gardening book.

Owen says he's planning to change his major from computer
science to business with a minor in computer science. There
are limited slots in the engineering school and only about a
fifth who apply get in so this sounds like a reasonable and
well thought out plan.