ahoy hoy
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2002-05-11 08:08:10 (UTC)


So I started filling out work applications (yippe not), I
hope I start working soon am getting bored, and I cant
afford to go shopping again. Oh well. I was so pissed
yesterday ahhh my mom was being so irritating I don’t know
why, she usually is really cool and minds her own business,
I mean we get along pretty well, but sometime we get into
random ass arguments. Like really stupid ones. Its
embarrassing to even utter what we fought about. We always
end up laughing in the end, after we cool off.

Wow Conan O’Brien is hella funny, leno is funny to but
Conan is somehow more pathetic, thus making it more amusing
to me. I don’t know why, nor do I really care.
Am sooo not sleepy, damm I went running yesterday, I got
really antsy and I felt like I had all this energy and
steam, so I just put on sweets and a t-shirt and I ran and
ran, jezz I ran like hell, but now am feeling the bad
effects. Am sooo sore so I didn’t run today but am going
to rum tomorrow morning. Am trying to lose weight am tire
of my fat ass. (kidding but yeah I want to lose a couple of
pounds) I have been eating less and eating healthier. Less
fatty food more veggies and stuff like that.

I can wait to also start beauty school, I think am going to
give bartending a go to. It seem like it would be fun to do
for a while ( basically until it bores me). Hmm well I
don’t feel like typing am sure I can find something juicer
and more entertaining to type, but I really don’t feel like
it. ( ahh am becoming obsessed with collages its weird cuz
I really don’t like doing them, but I can seem to stop
doing them) well…
Tata ^_^