American Spirit
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2001-06-06 04:27:32 (UTC)

I just want to check my email

that's it! that's fuckin it! I wanted to check my email
and write my new roommate a message and write this stupid
thing but god damn it i have been booted again. Does
anyone have a free server that doesn't boot you off every
five mins and doesn't ding everytime you try to join a
freind in a chat room and doesn't have stupid hours you
can't get on. ANYONE??? i was planning on telling you all
about the girl i surprised today by wishing her a happy
birthday and how it lit up her face. i was going to tell
you all in full detail how her birthday was a nightmare
untill i wished her a happy one. but now i am too pissed
off to the the excitement i got from that earlier. now i
just want to check my messages, write my new roomie a
message, and maybe fill my room with dings as i fucking
chat with my friends on line as if i have any on line. i
refuse to believe i haven't gotten kicked off yet and some
how forgot about it. but i wish you well, later.