lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-05-11 05:54:08 (UTC)

"is that tahj mowry?"

hahaha! tonight my advisory did babysitting for the beasts
at calvary's single mommy group or whatever...i'm done with
service for the year and it was really
fun. i spent a lot of the night playing with this mentally
challenged girl and her little brother. i wanted to eat
them with a spoon. i can't even duplicate the way she
said "lindsay" but it was so cute. she was 13 but she was
a teeny little precious thing. ahhh.

and then the kids were attacking tahj & making him sign
autographs...he is the weirdest kid. we were sitting
playing with these 2 little boys, and one of them took the
ball from the other kid. and the boy (taylor) said, "he
took my ball!" and i started to say, "well maybe you guys
could share-" and tahj interrupted and said, "just go punch
him real quick. beating people up solves everything!" and
taylor looked at him like he'd just spouted flames out of
his mouth or something. and i nudged him and said, "these
kids look up to you!" and he did this weird pose and
said, "hi, i'm tahj mowry, and i think little kids should
beat each other up!" i swear, every time he spoke, the
kids would gather around and like drool...haha it cracks me up.
every kid there just wanted to talk about "hounded".

oh i drove on the grade tonight. first time ever! i'm soo
big & grown up. maybe. it was dark & scary cuz i almost
got runned over by a big rig but now i'm ok. haha.

ahh i remember how last year i always talked about wanting
retarded kids...and i think it was zach who told me he'd
give me his kids if they came out retarded...haha awww. no
for reals. some of the stupid kids from my advisory were
making fun of the girl (michelle) but i swear i just felt
like an instant connection...same thing at special
olympics. please don't make retard jokes. i really feel
like i need to adopt some special children. ok i can
already see you cracking jokes in your heads. stop it! do
you know where bad people go?!