Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-05-11 05:48:08 (UTC)

Just Anotha Day

~my b-dayz tomorrow. . i'z a havin'z a party. itz gonna be
off da hook. anywayz today it whuz our 8th grade class
trip...itz whuz aiiight. we got to ride dis big 'ol tour
bus. i went up to da driver and whuz like it sayz in dis
brouchere dis tour is crunk...whuz dat mean he goes "wut
brouchere?" it whuz great he ahd no clue wut i whuz talkin'
bout. den i went up to da skating rank wit thomaz. it whuz
completely fucked. he avoided me most of da time. i asked
him to couple skate wit me not ONCE but TWICE and he whuz
like "why do u wanna skate wit me" and so u kno how it
is...i need attention, i need luv. der whuz not affection
wut so eva cummin' from him. so u kno. forget it..i out...i
done..i give up. but u kno i learned a lot from dis
experience..i aint irresistable (conceidnezz) and everyone
doesnt luv me (tearz) and u kno wut i helped me 2 bcuz i
dont think i'll eva like him again like i did b4 tonite!
andrew is still in..i luv messin' wit his head. he playz my
mind gamez. haha. i luv it. anywayz i dunno da more i talk
to andrew da more i like 'em..but i dunno dat mite
change..cuz u kno me i neva satisfied. i bet i get bored
and skip him 2. OH damien whuz lookin' so good today.
anywayz in conclusion tom has been skipped andrewz still in
and damienz slipping away to..but hez holdin on!~

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