Nick's Journal
2002-05-11 04:58:21 (UTC)

The Year

This past year. Well I don't know how to really put it, or
sum it up. What did we do?
We got in fights with rednecks, got kicked out of a lot of
parties, went camping, went bush diving, made fun of
foreigners, ate at dietrick, got the cops called on us,
almost got shot by the cops, drank, smoked, took pictures,
and so on.
Of course there was the shitty stuff that happened, to top
it all of there was 9-11. Alas, what do i say about
that? not much, except that i have a picture from that
day to show that the whole world wasn't ruined, ours was
still somewhat intact.......somewhat.
Luke threw a keg off a balconey.
Dave stole a jaguar hood ornament.
They both stole street signs.
The last weekend, or one of the last was really summation
of how much i miss college already. the first night we
couldn't find the party so we all just hung out in the
barn and drank and tried to scare each other. just
standing and talking nothing extravagant. then the next
day came the pig roast. i was drunk the whole day and it
culminated in the best party we had, where ryan and luke
were probably single-handedly responsible for the cops
getting called on us (as they incessantly asked all passer-
byers as to whether or not they were "chillin' all
hard"). nevertheless we made it out of there.
we went camping and froze the shit out of ourselves. but
it was fun.
we went to new orleans and caused a disturbance on bourbon
street. stayed in a shitty hotel, peed on a pink house,
and soaked the sheets in blood (don't ask).
what more could you really want?
i know i've left out a lot of shit but hey........all
togther it was just a great year.....i already miss
everybody. till next semester.
b'anh nyaka.