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2002-05-11 01:17:17 (UTC)

Sunny days - only seeing Mel

The days are sunny. I saw some people in other town of
big city. Some people asked me if I had dating. Carol
asked the same. I saw Mel like yesterday. Maybe I am
happy now. I was justing seeing her. She did not talked
to me. But she was talking in front of me. Beside her
Pet dogs are good. They can hide at morning and afternoon.
It would void yellow van to catch them. They live in
streets of my home town. And they give some security to
my street. And make company to some people. But there is
hypocrisys people that tried to make them go away. Enemies
are every place in my home town. Most do not live only
work by money. That kind of thing that I had to burn to
get some food in other town. It was nice if I only could
to put sauce and eat it.
Tomorrow a better day for me and my truly friends and all
good things like cotton candy and nice pets and bugs.
In streets of my home town. Skies of paradise in blue and
white clouds. Birds were eating wild seeds in trees. Small
bronw ants cuting and carrying leaves or just carrying
fallen flowers to factor at nest. I will see them better.
If tomorrow never comes I will love you forever from my