teen trama
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2002-05-11 04:14:09 (UTC)

muh boyz

I have guys, a lot of them actually. We're all
friends...we hang out on the weekends, they play the role
of a big brother to me, as well as a bestfriend. We flirt,
have fun...and I know when I need that strong shoulder to
cry on they will be there, when I need a reality check they
always give it. I'm like a little sister..and in fact ex-
boyfriends have been beat up just because a night might
have went by when I was crying about him. I love them -so
much. I am NOT a gurlie girl though...not at all. When I'm
with them..Im not afraid to get dirty...and we all go
riding almost every weekend. Its a relationship none of
their gf's can ever replace, or ne bf of mine. Guys as
boyfriends, or somebody I date, come and go constantly..Im
just living it up and having these boyz are the
only guys in my life. They are the only guys I would
honestly cry over, worry about, or be lost w/o. I see the
typical teenage girl every day crying and stressing in
school about whether she'll have a guy for prom, or to take
her out next weekend...Im glad I dont. I call 'em my racer
boyz because most of them do race...I'd be lost w/o them.
*sigh* so sitting here after a night out..I just thought
I'd take some time to let all of you out there know how
much they mean to me...playa luv~