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2002-05-11 04:03:11 (UTC)

Guyz Leading You On

Mmkay, ya kow wut really suckz about some guyz? Dat they
will lead you on so bad to da point inwhich you think they
actually like you. They will do some mad flirtin with you,
they'll make you feel all special, and overall, you both
just have really great times together. So bcuz of da fact
dat they flirt with you so much on account dat they think
ur cute and funny and kewl, you are led to believe dat da
person actually has feelings for you!

Big mistake! Some guys are just really really
flirtateous. Allow me to introduce you to Marcus. Me and
Marcus were in da same scenario I described above and I
was convinced dat he really liked me, so I just knew dat I
had to tell him how I felt. So one night, while we were
chattin online, I just said flat out 'i like you'. now,
his response actually pleased me. he said he thought i was
a cutie but dat he just didn't know me well enough to get
into a relationship. Many people told me dis was a nice
sign of good things to come. Boy were they wrong.

Me and Marcus continued to flirt, and we had our ups and
downs too, and yes I became extremely jealous at times,
but overall, our relationship was becoming xloser and
closer everyday. So, silly me, I finally decided to take a
stand, to seize da day for once. I wrote him a noe, bcuz I
am terribly shy, explaining how I thought we should go out
just to give it a try....yada yada yada. I gave him da
note on a friday and waited a whole weekend for a
response. Ya don't understand, weekends tend to roll on
slower when ur waiting for such a response. Finally, on
sunday night, he came online! I was in a great panick.

Coached by one of my best friends, levi, I imed Marcus
and we started talking abuot normal stuff and I kept sayin
to myself 'lily, you have to pop da big question or else
you'll never get an answer out of him'. So I did, and from
dat point on, my life and all its fanatical emoitions
plummeted into utter turmoil. Let me give you a basic
summary of da conversation we had dat night, everything in
capitals is me talkin, and lower case is him....


itz not gonna happen
because you don't have dat special something. you're
cute and funny and kewl to hang around with, but i don't
get dat special feeling like when u like someone.
(he was so blunt dat i thought he was kidding so like a
fool, i go and ask:) R U SERIOUS? DAT IS WORSE THAN WUT
LEVI SAID. (me n levi had been practicin different
scenarios to loosen me up)
would u rather i give you a bs excuse
(i had to go by dis time so...)
y wouldn't we be?


So there ya have it. It doesn't seem so bad for one who
did not have to live through the agony, but let me tell ya
sumthin, dat was one of da most painful things someone has
ever said to me.Yea, well da next day he gave me a big
hug, and from then on, we kept to our flirting.

I try to only see him as a friend with benefits, but I
don't know why I should suppress my feelings when I
obviously still like him. I have gotten less jealous
though and dat indeed is a grand achievement. :SIGH: If
only he would stop toying with my emotions...


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