Nicky's World
2002-05-11 03:37:52 (UTC)

oh my!

oh my! i have been busy busy busy! lets see i have been
working. i have jioned a softball team. i have school. i
have everything.

I went to hooters for the first time today and guess who i
saw? i saw brandon, chris, jason, and praticaly my whole
youth group. it was fun. i think i want to work at hotters
one day.

oh my! my dad id haveing such problems now it's making me
depressed i starting to think hes going to do somthing bad.
hes drinking again, he thinks every time somthing goes
wrong beer will fix it. i doesn't matter if it just makes
everything more bad. i hate beer! it is so stupid! my dad
lost his job and his roomate is moving out on his after
stealing his rent money. and mow my dad does not now what
he's going to do. i hope God just works in his life and
turns him around. sometime i think about it for hours
before i can go to sleep. i havn't even talked to him in
like a week. and he has no time on his phone so when i call
i get a stupid machine. i really hope he just knows i love

well brittani came back. i don't know if thats good or bad
cause she called me the other day and now she's drinking
again and smoking pot. I HATE ALCOHOL! i swear if people
could just live my life no one would want to drink ever
again. i love brittani and everything but i juat can't hang
out with someone and pretend like what they do does hurt me
so i guess i won't be hanging out with her that much any
more. which sucks cause i'm going to miss her.

Mendy got a boyfriend, Shane. he's really sweet. she is so
happy. and i'm so happy for her.

Jennifer i don't even know what's going on with her. but
she didn't quit school.

i don't know but i think im starting to like matt n. a
little but maybe not i don't don't know.

oh my guess what my aunt is coming down tomorrow so that's
goingto be fun. we will probable go shopping yay! cause i
gots some money! i think i should go to bed now.

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