~*Jeri's Journal*~
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2001-06-06 03:34:30 (UTC)

Typical Tuesday nite

~Hola! Well, tonite, Josh H. is on Craig Kilborn! Yay!
Can't wait! LOL! Well, not much has happened. I told
you all I'd go see Pearl Harbor again! I've seen it four
times, now. Moulin Rouge is also an excellent movie! I
got a letter yesterday from an old friend. She and I
haven't spoken in years. Gosh, I miss her. I've started
a song on the guitar and its going pretty well. I've also
decided on a novel. I'm going to ask the opinion of ppl
on the net, so as soon as I set up the link, I'll add it on
here. Well thats all for tonight. Check up with you soon!