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2002-05-11 02:49:26 (UTC)

Greeting cards from my mother and hell

Well tonight just kinda sucked, mostly because of my
mother, well actlualy all because of my mother. See I was
at Tracys house and we decided to go to the movies because
we were supposed to do that origionaly so we were on our
way and I call my mom to let her know that im going and
that my friend Jimmy would give me a ride home and then she
like freaks out at me, she wouldnt let me go and infact she
came to the movies to pick me up, so I was a bit embarassed
having to leave there with my mother bitching and rainting.
See I know why my moms like this, its the way she always
gets its a 3 time a year thing, christmas, her birthday,
and mothers day. My mom uses these occasions to make
everyone around her misserable. I remember one year when I
was like 7 and I didnt get my mom a mothers day present,
well just say that I am still CONSTANTLY reminded of it
today, I do not want to hear another "dont forget to get my
present". Ash when I have kids, shoot me in the foot if I
ever say that to them, its rude and shallow as a parent and
as a person.

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