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2002-05-11 01:52:55 (UTC)

oh my G-d this could be the happiest day of my life ELLIOT WROTE BACK TO ME AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's is part one of what was written
Elliots Leter:
Sorry the email is alittle late. i was having trouble with
my internet. I found out about your email from rebeka. She
kept on bugging me to reply that I just got so tired and
desided to write back. Personally, I just thought that it
was a very nic e email but I don't remember you. That is
not like me and I remember everyone i meet. Sorry! but next
time, don't tell rbeka if you email me. she thinks she is a
matchmaker and sometimes i could strangle her.
see ya!
It's okay u don't remember me. ( most people don't lol) but
thank you so much for responding I didn't mean that whole
thing with rebeka to drive u crazy.( believe me I know how
annoying people can get) Err... Sorry about that. By the
way do u follow baseball? I g2g baseball is on. Thanks
again for responding, and tell me if she keeps bugging you,
because I'll tell her to stop.
p.s by the way where did the name chipmunk come from?
about baseball, you'll never find a more devoted mets fan.
tell you the truth, I've got tickets to every mets home
game! isn't that neat? but the mets have lost five straight
and are now in second. but that doesn't matter, the yankees
are in second by five games. and don't wory, i wasn't going
to choose any yankees for the allstar team. And the name
chipmunk, well, lets just say i had a rodent in the bunk
mishap and now they think im a chipmunk. and i quite like
it. see ya!

Then he wrote 2 more letteres
Eliott: in the 2001 g-4 yearbook picture, where are you?

Elliot: one more thing.
if you are coming for rebekas bat mitzvah in june, i will
be out of town. however, if you come friday, you can see me
after school. ill talk to rebeka (gee id like to strangle
her. she spilled her sprite all over me at school today. I
wish shed be more careful!!!!!!!!)

my respones
1st Letter: Abby:~Chipmunk~
ur a resooooo lucky u have tickets to that's so cool. are
they season tickets? i have a really close friend who is a
mets fan, he talks 24/7 about the mets and so back in
1999, he was going on and on about them, and even though
i'm red sox fan, and started to like the mets a lot too,
enough though people give me a hard time 'you can't like
two teams.'and I say yes u can..they never play each other,
besides if my family didn't end up here, I would be living
in New York, and would be mets fan) . Beside my friend's
brother is friends with someone on the mets even though the
player ( mark johnson) sucks, his one homerun won a game
for them ( i think). The Mets are really good they have a
lot of home grown talent ( unlike the yankees) and even
though they are in 2nd. and it's only may. The yankees were
in a slump but only won, because they were playing Tampa
Bay. Not to worry though the expos ( there most likley
won't even be the expos next year, remember there were
going to get rid of them)and the Marlines, who are in first
place, as of 7:30 on Friday have no devoted fans like ur
self to come to their games, there like 6 people at expos
games and like 12 at Marlins games. People say i'm the
biggest female baseball fan in the whole world, i'm a
obessed with baseball sorry about I wrote sooooo much

Respones to letter 2: Abby:
Okay, I'm not overly concentered with looks..but that
picture of me tottlay sucks..but if you really want to
know..I'm in the middle of the bottom row.

respone to letter 3:It sucks when someone spills soda on
u.. no i can't come to rebeka's bat mitzvah beacuse it's my
best friends gradution