2002-05-11 01:21:44 (UTC)

Let the Goddess help these unrealistic souls

Highlight of the day: LUNCH!!!

Well. We had a faculty vs. students softball game. Hence,
some people got signed out of periods that are 5-9. Fifth
is my lunch periods and 2 out of us 4 went to the game,
while the other Alina had to go take care of something. So
I went to get some coffee at dunkin donuts. There was this
chick there I know from where we used to work. She still
works there, but I quit a long time ago. She has lunch with
this one chick Ela. Today one of their friends (which
happens to be this chick I don't like from my previous
class.) with them. I tried to put the fact that I don't
like her behind. But I couldn't help it. I wanted to scream
into these girls ears how pathetic they are. (Well except
Sylvia. She is not that bad at all. She does get weird when it comes to the subject some times.)

Here is the subject: guys. a.k.a. dogs. As I'd like to call
them. Ela's big problem, which she eventually started
crying about were two things:
ONE: bad hair cut
TWO: her boyfriend is spending too much time with some
chick that is his very good friend, and she doesn't
like it.
These are problems? Was she serious? Really, if these
things trouble her, then she must have a REALLLLLLL, peachy
life since she can cry over such poitless crap.

I tried to cheer her up, but I'm not good at that. Besides,
had she seen things through my light, she wouldn't put so
much emphasis on this. But then again, had I seen this from
her light, there might be more to it.

Still, the only people there to cheer her up that knew more
about this, are closer to her, and most likely can cheer
others up better then I were Sylvia and that girl from my French class that
I Don't click with Monica,

Oh god, can you believe this? Is this how most girls talk?
Are these average teen girl lives? Is this what "sugar and
spice and everything nice" come down to?

Today I was involved in one of those t.v. like/supposed
real conversations. This girl (Monica) kept trying to cheer
her up by telling her some downs from her personal life.
Her experiances being with cheaters, and players, and real
bad excuses. Imagine this, the girl is only 16. She's a
sophomore for crying out loud!!! She started saying that
this one guy really likes her (he is her friend.) They each
have boyfriends/girlfriends, but he says he loves her. She
says she (I don't remember was it love, or really like him
too,) point being is that she really wants to fuck him. He
doesn't want to fuck her because he cares too much for her.
Well, hmmm... just saying that you want it from your friend
really badly, especially when you have a boyfriend (which
is ever changing,) should consider her a whore.
Later she said something about another guy who had a hicky
while he was going out with her, and it didn't come from
her. So he said that some girl gave him that big ass hicky
when he was at a party dancing. He doesn't remember all too
well cause he was drunk. (Sure just cause you dump the guy
doesn't mean you still have a good rep. Especially since
the guy was about 26, and was saying that that's not a
hicky and she doesn't know what a hicky is. Hahah it's to laugh at.)
So later she said she was out with this 21 year old guy who
was interested in this other chick so he dumped her or she
dumped him so that he can be with the
chick that was about to turn 18, so that it wouldn't be
considered child molestation. (May I remind you that she is
sixteen?) What a whore.

Those are just the ones I heard. I was mainly talking to my
friend Sylvia, cause she was fully of energy and I
considered that real cool.

But those two can just be pathetic.

BY the way. This one other girl, who is not a slut, is very
good looking, knows how to
dress, and not to be a kinky/preppy/over talkative whore,
made a comment about her during a review game that we were
playing in French. We were reviewing fruit, and playing
taboo. There were alot of things she couldn't say (Monica)
to describe a banana. So this chick says, come on you
should know this. HAHAHAHAHA! Get it?

Well anyway, I am gonna make another diary eventually about
pathetic little stories like this, but I'll change the
names, or leave them annonymous. First I'm gonna gather
some material though. Guys are a joke though. Hahahaha.
These sophomore sluts as well. (Yes Monica I'm talking
about you! Hahaha, what a joke!)

Well, enough for me, toodles!!!