SuGaR RuSh
2002-05-11 01:18:26 (UTC)


im so fuckin sittin home on ANOTHER friday
nite its 9:14 and im already in my jammies...ya so @ like 5
marty calls me and i was like dyein cuz i didnt think he
would call...and he asked me what i was doin 2 nite and i
was like i dunno mabey sumthin w/ u and he was like i i was like whatcha gunna do and hes like i
dunno i think me n this kid r doin sumthin and i was like
well ok i guess we aint doin ne thing but i didnt say that
cuz i dunno..and like he was like well i guess ill go and i
was like ok? and we talked 4 a few min more and then he was
like well i guess ill talk 2 u sumtime this weekend and i
was like ok..bye...? ugh thats so fuckin gay im startin 2
sound like ppl i dun wanna sound like..i need 2 get
happy....ugh oh ya...i get this message from sum gurl and
shes like r u on drugs? y r u so hyper all the time? and
can i have sum..? and i was like WTF! and i was never really hyper when im writting...lordy i
dunno...well im out bye