Diary of Me...
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2002-05-11 01:15:21 (UTC)


Date/Time: Friday, May 10.. 9:01 PM
Mood: Content
Music: Dammit- Blink182

Haha I decided I would copy those other Diary's and
write my mood and etc. Blink 182 fucking kicks ass! Woo! I
was gonna go to the concert *I think it's next month
sometime* But it got SOLD OUT! I was pissed!
Talia came over at like 6:30 to drop something off for
my mom, but she ended up staying over until 8:30 which was
cool! We played volleyball *without a net* and drew
pictures on my driveway lol. I have a million mosquito
bites now AHHH! hahaha. We talked to Joe on the phone too
for a lil while.. but not to long cuz he was at Tim's house
and I guess his sister kept calling there or something so..
w/e! I'm going to Joe's tomorrow tho for his lil sister's
birthday party haha.
School was pretty easy today.. It was our last day for
Volleyball in gym.. and we didn't even play! Well, we could
decide between Basketball or Volleyball, so me and MaeMae
played Bball. I wicked suck at volleyball.. half the time I
can't serve the ball over the net lol. In spanish today, he
wasnt as asshole-ish as he usually is, he only said
something to me once.. and the rest of the class was mad
boring. In Math.. some Brazilian lady was gonna come in and
tape us or something, but she got in late and we were
working in parteners on or projects but she said she didnt
wanna tape that lol. Bio was pretty cool. Man Jon is SOOO
funny! He makes the funniest voices, I swear! Sometimes he
pisses me off cuz he starts writing on my paper then I get
pissed and stab him with my pen. Then Steph says me and him
are flirting when we do that, but I am definitly NOT! I'm
just trying to save my damn paper! She knows I'm not
flirting with him, she was just playing around and stuff.
My mom FINALLY got my medicine today!! I was soo happy! I
can't take it until tomorrow morning but still! YES! I was
reading the papers that it came with.. and it said it mite
take a lil while to show full effects dammit! Lol
Hopefully it'll work good though! Weeeeellll my life, as
you can tell, is so fucking boring! Lol so I shall be off!