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2002-05-11 00:54:20 (UTC)

7 inches from the other side ( kinda makes you wonder huh?)

spent two days trying to explain myself to the ex. long
story, but basically he read an email that was sent to me
(this was like 6months ago) and decided to become angry
about it a month after we break up. ???!??!? oh well.. I
basically said that if he had took it up with me months and
months ago, maybe he wouldn't have had to waste so much
energy being upset over nothing.. You think??
Thats done with now, the explaining part. I really don't
understand how it happened anyway. But I'm done with it.
Thats not my life anymore. If he wants to get upset about
stuff that happened 6-7 months ago. Then hes just looking
to be mad, thats all.
Nothing particuraly exciting since then. Not that that was
exciting, but definitely worth a mention. Talked to Becky
last night til almost 2am. Its amazing, we've been best
friends for 8 years, and both of us have grown a lot, but
when we talk on the phone late at night, its about the same
thing we were talking about when we were 15. Men. Oh
well.. regardless it was a pretty positive conversation.
Running to Walmart tonight. Bless Walmart, in its 24 hour
glory. I need to buy a Mothers Day card. Except right now
all I'm looking forward to is my bed, and my t-shirt
sheets. And sweet dreams... I'm so tired!

I'm trying to get a motto... something like hesitation and
indecision never got anything done.. but I keep thinking
that they may prevent wars though.. wars being used
liberally. I'm not actually talking about WWII or
anything.. Bah.. either you get me or you don't