Me and X
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2002-05-11 00:29:51 (UTC)


I was able to finally finish all my coursework with some
added extra.. the burden is off my back but not completely
because the grades havent gone through. I just want life
to get easier.. I wish those plans included x... i feel
truly in my heart that we will end up together.. I just
wish things never got so bad as they are now. I wish I
trusted him a long time ago.
I was able to speak with him today for a little bit... than
I got my mom a gift from the gap. It was nice to be
utterly alone today accept for the occasional "Hello"
and... "oh i have the 3 cents.." when i was buying
something. I have not been alone in a long time. Someone
is always talking talking talking to me. Unfortunately
they arent the people i want talking to me all the time.

I did miss my babies though.. even though work is

I need to take a load off and realize that somehow life
will get better.
My life will get better once I reorganize and fix myself.
I know I can do it.
I got my period today..... how much does that suck on top
of everything else?!!? haha

I love you X and I miss you..

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