2001-06-06 01:55:07 (UTC)

I know what im doing

Finally I have some idea on where im going and what im
doing with my life. I started night school well soon i will
I start my new job in a few weeks and george and I are
doing so good. Im not pregnant thank god!!!! Im way to
young and un stable to have a baby. I feel so good lately
though.Im a little disapointed that i didnt stay in
pinkerton and graduate with my class, go to my prom. but I
know this is the only way im going to get my diploma.
george finally suports my goals and ideas, It feels so good
to not be so alone all the time. I finally feel like im
finding myself again its been awhile. I miss my mom so much
though. I havent seen a her in over 4 months and havent
talked to her sense mothers day. Im just glad in a way that
i m not always chaseing her looking for her to call and
waiting for her to show up I grew up a lot and I hope she
realizes she lost me.