2002-05-10 23:09:18 (UTC)

"San Luis Obispo"

Hey, hey, hey!

Nothing much has been going on lately. I just got back from
San Luis Obispo last night. I went Monday and got back last
night. It is really nice up there. I like beach cities.
Everyone is rollin' up in Mercedes and shit. I was like,
Damn! Big pimpin'!.

It's Friday and I'm not doing anything right now. Donald
and I didn't speak today. I don't know why...we're just
retarted like that. I'm hoping that maybe he'll call me and
invite me somewhere tonight...I'm hoping! I think I could
fall in love with him. All we really need to do is
communicate a little more. He is just so cute..! Mmm, mmm,
mmm! If he doesn't call by 7 o'clock, then I'm going to
call him.

Well...I guess I'll see you on the flip side!