a poetic Heartº
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2002-05-10 22:46:22 (UTC)

Why Didn't You

What would it hurt you
to pick up the phone
Why did you leave me
Leave me here all alone

I always needed to understand
Exactly what went wrong
And I always believed that what we had
Still belongs

I'm wondering what happened
I never heard a reason why
All I hear is silence
and the word goodbye

Why did you hurt me
Why didn't you tell me the truth
It's been a month
and today I found out the news

You cheated you lied
You didn't care that I cried
Tell me what did she do
That made something come over you

What did she do so right
That I did so wrong
Why did you cheat
When I thought what we had was strong

Why didn't you miss me
Why didn't you care
Why am I learning out the hard way
That life is never fare

I pray she treats you good
Cause You know that I do
But theres still one question that I need answered...

Ashley Nicole Mccoy
April 26, 2002