Diary of a Young Girl
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2002-05-10 22:11:32 (UTC)

First day with diary

Today hasn't been terribly exciting. Trying to figure out
the inner workings of my mind. I guess I should say my
name. I'm Bj. I'm a 15 year old girl. Not much to me.
Anyway back to today. As I said. Not too much happening
today. I met my science teacher's brother. They look a lot
alike and they act a lot alike. Naturally Heather(my 2nd
best friend) and I made a b-line to annoy him...heheh. I
I'm going to Ashley's(My veerrry verrry best friend) house
to stay the night but that's a natural occurance. I hope
I'll see craig today and maybe he will give me my damn
movie back!!! Plus I want to make out with him but hehehe.
That's beside the point. I wrote my mom a poem today. Yay
it's for mother's day but I still need to get her a gift.
But that's slightly hard to do when your broke. I really
don't know why I made this thing public because today isn't
very exciting. Well last night was. I went to a dance with
whitney and tashia. We bought glow bracelets and stuff.
Plus a friend of ours broke his so we aksed him to splatter
us with glow stuff. It looked really cool. I danced with
Chris Stampke. That was kinda cool. He's nice but he's a
good boy and I'm not really into that. All though I do have
to admit he's kinda cute. Whitney thought it was funny to
accuse him of moving his hands so he kept moving them up
(is that any better than moving them down?) so that she
hadn't nothing to accuse him of. It was kinda cute. Anyway.
Later because I'm out of interesting things to say. BJ