My life
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2002-05-10 21:24:22 (UTC)

`:.Schools coming to an End..YES!!.:`

Finally its friday, and we only have SIX days of school
left!! SIX! omg im so happy!! im really sick of school and
im ready for it to hurry up and end! anyways, today was a
pretty good day, it felt like it was the last day of
school, but its not. Rachel Gonzalez wants to do sumthing
w/ me tomorrow night, i dont think its going to happen. but
it would be cool if it did, i think she sweets, shes
popular, but ive known rachel since she moved here and me n
her were best friends! and same w/ seventh grade, but in
8th grade we had no classes together and she became
popular. anyways, matt n marissa broke up. i feel really
bad! but i mean theres nothing i can do. and gay ass brant
is going CAMPING tonight! why is he going camping, does he
not have a life? obviously not!!! i mean umm lets see if i
was a guy and i had a choose of sk8n and seeing a bunch of
my friends or go camping w/ a bunch of guys....well i would
chose camping because im a girl but i wouldnt go camping w/
just girls! thats pointless i think...well thats his
problem.....neways, i dont ahve nething else to talk about
so gg

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