Randi Lynn

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2002-05-10 20:12:13 (UTC)

Cold and Sneezing.

Its like, the middle of sping, and im freezing my ass off.
And I keep sneezing! i dont know why. On another note, i
have this splinter, i think its a splinter, in my skin, and
not event the school nurse could get it out, its horrible
and it bugs me. I wrote a poem, too, I dont knwo if its
good or not, but ill post it on here.
Its called "My Dreamland"

"The Wind was not blowing
and the stream was flowing
the air was clean
all in my dream
The people were happy
although some things were tacky
not a soul was mean
all in my dream
The grass was green
and forest was not lean
no one could hurt me
all in my dream
But when the children didnt play
and the grass turned to hay
the air turned dirty
and flowers were no longer perty
and there were no friendly smiles to lend
thats when my dream was at an end
The wind started howling
and the bears started growling
and the leaves didnt stop falling
the birds had stopped calling
and things were broken that not even a mender could mend
thats when my dream was at an end."
Aint it pretty? Now my progress report card...I did good!
in my school, the grade rangs are 100-93 is an A, 92-85 is
a B, 84-77 is a C, 70-76 is a D, 70 and below is a F.
Child Devel - A, Bio - A, Art - A, Comp Tech. 2 - A, World
History - B, English - B, Algebra Two, C...
Not bad ^^ althought i do want all A's, i know i can raise
english and history i dont know about Algebra, Algebra is
really hard but im really trying.

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