a dusty book in a forgotten hole
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2002-05-10 19:51:29 (UTC)

jousting with pregnanat school monkeys?(or jstu kdis wiht red hair named greg)

yeah so school today was intresting.. i am still here..
geh.. it is better then home which is a waist of time
mother yells to much and nevere really seems to stop which
makes life harder. grrrr.. yeah well. .my brother is still
the perfect child..ohh well is uppose someone has to be.
heh.. so i am baby sitting the litlte cuicidal boy again
tonight.. oh what fun that will be .. and the thing is i
relaly dont get paid much it is jstu what i am excpected to
do ebcuase well i am .. yeah... and i was supposed to go
see spiderman but taht did not happen.. much grr.. i really
dont feel like exsisting.. though i did get to 'joust' in a
sence today.. at school.. though it was on one of those
really big bouncy thingys and we hit each other wiht foam
clubs ..yeah.. hehe i won though! i was so ahppy i usually
loose at phsycail activity horribly.. and well i won..
hehhee... yeah...but i hurt a whole bunch right now.. me
back inparticular.. though the knees, well that si always
the though on the warnign label it did specifcily say that
people with chronic knee or joint problems shoudl not be on
this product .. yeha (it was a giant moon bounce bascily)
its also said somethign abotu pregnanat women.. but luckily
i dont have to worry about that ::smies:: heh.. yeah that
was a fun item of my life.. oh well its over now which is
good. .but yeah i want there to be an AIM on this cmoputer
ebcuse well i want to talk to someone but she is never on
at the same time i am or rarely that is adn ..well .. hmm
me likes to talk to ehr she is muhc like me.. heheh yeah
(hi lidea) though i know you dont read this i am still
saying high.. heh.. so for now i willl go bye bye maybe mom
wont yell today. .i really hope she doesn;t i dont want to
be yelled at..

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