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2001-06-06 01:27:04 (UTC)

Doctor/Chat with Timmy :)

Emotion (self-explanatory): Mellow
Diary Log (Entry): #2
Reality Check (Fact): I love to answer questions! Send me
feedback, I’ll reply to almost anything!
Prior Entry (Previous Entry): First Entry/About Me
Thinking Of (self-explanatory): Timmy and going rafting on
the Merimak (sp?) River at Indian Springs this past weekend
Who’s online: dunno I’m offline
Word of the Day: ::looking in dictionary:: And the chosen
word is… sex-a-ge-nar-i-an (seks'a ji ner'ee an) adj. between the
ages of 60 and 70 –n. a person of this age

Hey people! My second entry, wow I actually did my entries for two
days in a row, heh kewl. Well I made a mistake on my height and
weight, those were estimated guesses and they weren’t too far off! I
weigh 101 lbs ang I’m 5’2. See? I was really really really close!
Anyway…I know my weight and I hieght cuz I went in for a physical
today. That’s all I really did though so I have nothing else to right
about. I have a sunburn and I’m peeling, I love peeling dry skin
(Yeah, yeah, I know, y’all are thinkin ‘what a dork’ right? Obviously
or my diary name wouldn’t be dOrkEttE, duh!). Peace, I’m out. ::hogs
n kisses 4 everyone:: haha
I just got online, Timmy’s on and I wanna post the chat with him as
soon as I stop talkin to him so I’ll wait to put this up. It’s 7:40
now, let’s see how long we chat. Well it was only a few minutes(it’s
7:59 now) but there’ll be more later! Our first chat was 2 hours.
I’m gonna post that on here dude!

me: hey, watcha doin?
timmy: nuthin just in the chat room
timmy: u?
me: nuttin
me: u do anything this weekend?
timmy: nuuh just went to houston
timmy: i mean dallas sorry
timmy: and went clubin just the usual
me: no fair! if i went w/ brian i woulda been there
timmy: brian?
me: grr :p
me: my stepdad
timmy: oh ok
me: that's so not fair
timmy: hey what was that diary thing u sent me
me: my online diary
timmy: i went there i didnt know what to do
me: heh well...was there like dates on the side of the
page it took u to?
timmy: yeah
me: u click on that
timmy: what was the date
me: i only did 1 entry with that service so there
should only be 1 on there
timmy: ok baby im sorry whats the site again
me: um...just a sec i'm not really sure myself
timmy: k
me: My free online diary
me: ya know that first IM convo we had? it's a whole 5
pages long with a 10 point font
timmy: whoa u put it on there
timmy: man thats long
me: naw, i have it on my computer though
me: it's very long
timmy: oh cool
timmy: baby i gotta go talk at 9 bye ill miss u
me: aw, kk, bye

Haha, ok bye all. I'll post Timmy and my 5 page chat and
our possible chat in...half an hour or so laterz.

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