2002-05-10 19:03:48 (UTC)


i do not talk behind peoples backs...if i have something
to say or an issue i will tell u...people go out of their
way to cause conflict between friends...saying that
someone said something that they never did, taking it out
of context, or WRITING insulting commments that someone
would assume was someone sure to ask the their face if possible...if they said it and
if it had the same meaning that u interpereted
as...friendship and love is beautiful and
irreplaceable...if someone is bitter and jealous they want
to sabatoge others happiness.....causing conflict where
none exists...dont let this happen...make sure u know WHO
is saying the fucked up shit...and then ask them
why..hopefully they have a good reason. and if someone already had
a boyfriend then anyone that is BOTHERING AND ANNOYING that person
would not be of interest to them...get your own...i am
with it.....

friends are people that make u feel good when u feel bad, help u,
say things to make u feel good about yourself...such as u look THIN
in that dress, u have the perfect body, u are beautiful, just a few
ive heard...someone who wants to make u feel bad because maybe they
have problems with themselves would tru to make that person feel bad
by insisting that they are stupid ugly or fat...which i am none...of
course this person would be entitled to their opinion but thats
it...i just have to that u would be ALONE in your opinions and sorta
lookin stupind and ignorant cuz a lot of people would disagree...a
lot...but u can keep callin me stupid and fat and ill keep callin u
a waste of screen space...maybe u should look to yourself maybe u
are stupid ugly and/or fat maybe youre not...its not my
business...if it
makes u feel better to call me stupid and fat go ahead but im just
too damn smart to believe it.....sorry.....not sayin im perfect cuz
im least i dont think so...but u cant MAKE anyone
believe or do something they dont want to do.....this would be a
control issue......people do not like to be controled...many people
have fought for this right.....maybe u need to catch up on todays
society...people do not believe something just because some ignorant
fuck says it......especially if it seems like its based in HATE...u
can hate all u want but is that your goal in make everyone
feel stupid and u expect the whole world to be yes sir or
madam youre right i am stupid and apologizes...maybe u
should think about shit b4 u write cuz u tha one sounded stupid is