The lost little girl
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2002-05-10 16:43:54 (UTC)

another day...yes, another day...

well i went to kareoke last night. it was a lot of fun. well
if you don't count Dan and bruce..actually no...dan is
ok..bruce is a dork. ( these are two guys who go to kareoke
who pick on me [calling me ponytails] and stuff).it was
crystal, emily and myself truly. but Dano, carl, lenny and
gregg were there. so we had fun. i was so happy when gregg
showed up i ran to him to get away from bruce and dan that i
jumped off the little stage into his arms and we smashed
heads..it kinda hurt but oh well. karen was back from
vacation and i actually missed her. she is a lot of fun (
she's the bartender)...anyways...
i don't know what is going on this weekend. i hope to find
something to do b'cuz i don't want to just sit around my
house all weekend. that would really fuckin' suck. but never
the less..i'm gonna go..i am watching the twilight zone.
very awesome. so yes, i will go now but to all of you out
there who read this, take care of yourself and never forget
that you are thought of all the time. :) talk to you soon.
love- janie

daily quote :

"why did you pick that song, he can hardly do it?"- karen
"why? cuz they are gonna rue the day they fucked with me!"-
( me and karen talking about the songs we picked out for
bruce and dan to sing)
Bruce sang " you've lost that lovin' feeling"
Dan sang " back that thang up"
[we're such little bitches, gotta love it]

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