teen trama
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2002-05-10 16:25:16 (UTC)


Yes, its true. I wanted to be a slacker today and stay home
from school. I did have a headache this morning, and the
fact that I am grounded for tonight, gave me no reason to
get up and go to school this morning. I hopefully have
double date going on tomorrow night, me and a friend are
going to meet these two should be fun. Me and her
do this every once in a while, we like to keep it on the
d/l though, its more fun and secrative that way. We don't
tell anybody...its such a rush. Going to meet two new guys,
going out on a date with them...and nobody knows but the
four of you. I think the thrill of not getting caught is
half the fun for us, last time it was close though, the
parental units almost caught us. I am a good gurl though,
the perfect daughter figure. So this little bit of innocent
fun we choose to have every once and a while...I see no
harm in it :) g'bye for now...ur player gurlie

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