The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
2002-05-10 16:22:45 (UTC)

The World Can Be So Crewl..... 5/10/02

This week has been very fucked up. Ruben and Christine are
no more....Ruben is now trying to take away our friendship
with luke, just because he dont like christine.."ah" What
am I sopose to do, I am getting sick of it...Just listen
toThe song Everyone by Adema it tells my whole story..I
hate having to not chill with luasz, but now that Ruben is
here is looks like i am just te side dish friend.. Why
should I have to feel like that...So I just say fuck it..I
dont care anymore..Why should i care for people like them
they dont kno anything..I believe that They will somehow
get sick of eachother, because ruben is very energetic and
loud..And Lukasz has to obey his moms rules.. I dunno
anymore..Who cares as long as things dont fuck up anymore
then what they are already...Well Bye for now