Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2002-05-10 15:23:24 (UTC)

Worried About My Job

Yesterday Nancy confided in me that not all employess
were going to get paid today. They'll be handed their
paychecks, but there actually isn't enough money in the
bank to cover payroll. Luckily, I always get my check
first, so I'm going to deposit it first to make sure it
goes through. I just feel really sorry for all the other
employees. But, since I don't even know if I'll get paid in
two weeks, I'm updating my resume and looking for another
job. I really liked where I worked, so it really bothers me
to have to do this. But I do hate Lauren, and I guess even
if I get another job that I don't like as much, I know
there couldn't possibly be a worse boss or business owner
than her. So I guess it can only get better.
I have to make an appointment to get my tattoo (a
faerie), but my favorite tattoo guy is booked for the next
couple of months, so I guess it'll be awhile, unless I can
find someplace else. I'd almost rather go someplace else,
so that Laura and I can go together, because I know she
wants to get her extra piercings soon...
Only 9 days until the pride festival!!! I'm so
excited. I won't be checking i.d. bracelets after all, but
Laura and I will be working together in 'special services',
which is pretty much helping out with whatever needs to be