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2002-05-10 13:46:56 (UTC)

My week!

so i had to go stay with stormy because my family came to
town and i didn't really have a place to sleep except on
the couch and they all decide to get up at 5.. Yea.. not
kewl! so me and eryn stayed with stormy and that was
fucking great! except that me and stormy kinda clash.. she
expects to just bitch at me and me to stay quiet well it
doesn't work that way! you bitch at me i am gonna bitch
back.. i don't take no shit! and then she topped it off by
telling eryn some fucked up shit about me which was a bit
of a lie! i dunno.. but it hurt alot because eryn somewhat
believed her i guess.. But we got over it and had make up
sex and yea that was great like always. and i am going to
write about this because i thought this was kewl. me and
eryn had sex in the rain sort of! it was cold! but we did
it anyways. and then we went and took a shower to warm off!
eryn is so fucking great! she cracks my shit up! she is so
funny! and cute! and all that other mooshy stuff! she
always keeps me laughing and smiling! and now it feels
weird cause she left to go get her sister in mississppi and
i came home so now she isn't here and it just feels weird
cause she isn't there in the morning! it suxz! yea! I miss
her alot already! but i will see her tomarrow night! yeah!
yesterday i streched my ears to a 8 and i did it myself and
this shit hurt! i didn't use anything to make it easy like
most people use lube well i didn't.. and now my right ear
is kinda bruised! but it doesn't feel so bad now.. it is
healing! i hope my ear doesn't fall off whith me doin this!
i was gonna get my tounge peirced yesterday but i decided
not too! i was really close! but anyways i am gonna go now!

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