The Life Of A Pre-Rock Star
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2002-05-10 08:05:33 (UTC)

May 10th........Holly's Troubles

Well, I was having a good day until now. I spent the
majority of it playing guitar, looking for jobs, and
running erands. Everything was great actually, I came up
with some new ideas for the band. I've decided to get my
life in order. I mean, it was a life altering day BUT THEN

My girlfriend Holly is the sweetest girl I know. For
once in my life I think I've found a girl that will treat
me like a human being and not love me until the excitments
gone. I mean, this girl is sweet as warm apple pie on a
winters day. Yes, she's that kind of girl. She's the kind
of girl that Tom Petty sings about in "Free Fallin'". Only
her favorite rock star happens to be me.

Anyways, Holly had a rough day. She worked until
12:45 closing Subway because of another newbie worker. She
had a workload out the ass. I missed her message and
didn't call her. Then she finally got to go home and guess
what happend next. Yup, the poor girl got more shit. So
there I was, getting a call from Holly. She vented for
awhile until I could make her feel better. Then she sang a
few songs. It was really nice. Then low and behold her
father came home. (Another Dum dah Dum here)

See, yesterday her father informed her that she
couldn't have the phone in her room because her sister had
left it in the basement and it was completely dead. It's a
portable and her father has destroyed all the other phones
in the house in fits of rage. Yes, he's a jerk. Anyways,
yesterday he ripped the phone out of the wall. So thinking
I simply got disconnected I called back. He answered the
phone in an angry tone and I asked for Holly and everything
was peachy. However, tonight he did it again. This time I
knew what was going on thanks to previous experiance and
Holly's warning. So I called back. This time, it's a
scream......(Enter a script like conversation
here....nevermind I will)

Disgrunteld Nutless Dad: HELLO!!!!!!

Scotty Psychotic (Hero of this Story): Hi, is Holly there?

Disgrunteld Nutless Dad: SHE'S NOT ALLOWED TO USE THIS

Scotty Psychotic (Hero of this Story): Alright.

Disgrunteld Nutless Dad: *Click* (Holly crying and
screaming in background.)

(End of Conversation)

I wouldn't be so pissed if it wasn't for the fact that
the sorry son of a bitch doesn't have the balls to yell at
his kids and is mostly agressive because he isn't the
leader of the household. (He's not Holly's real father and
his wifes in charge.) So here I sit alone in my room after
just getting done writing an email to Holly. I figure she
thinks I'll never call again and she'll never talk to me
again, so I decided to let her know via email that I'm
still here.

Anyways, yesterday Holly started talking about coming
here for a week. So I said yes. (I'm not stupid and she's
from Nebraska.) Anyways, all this shit's going on and here
I am in the middle. So I figure I'd at least let Holly
know I'm here. So I told her that if she ever needed out
that I would drive all the way to Nebraska and come get
her. The only thing to do now is wait.

-Scotty Psychotic

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