Roy Whiteside

My Intersex Chaos
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2002-05-10 07:53:04 (UTC)

Tha clouds in my coffee.

I thank tha intersex society, for their wonderful helping hand. I was once proud to be a gender that is also a lengend, some people think we are a myth. Now, I guess its becuase I'm older. I can't battle barrier as well anymore. It has been such a failure, for me. Why didn't they just let died at thirteen, when committed suicide.

Have U ever felt that there is something about U. That other people thought U did not know. When U are born intersexed, U can't help know it. It's like tha inside is different from tha outside, although are both apart of U. They are both suppose to be there.

Two people in one body, although they are one
son. Sometime I feel like a woman and sometime a man. They can both combine together and make me feel superhuman. Or they can both disappear and leave me feeling like nothing. Some people are just now starting to have problem with their genitailia. I have suffered with these problem most my life. However mine seem to heal themself, somehow. I dont knoooow where to go noooow, I true this.

Just a thought

Thank you

Lawyers, Photographers, speakers, poems, spies no offence I'm one myself. hehe. Which is another I felt so proud about being intersex, it give guardian personality. Those are tha clouds in my coffee.

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