life's a bitch..it just had puppies
2001-06-05 23:16:37 (UTC)

my "OK" day :)

Today was like any ordinary day. i went to school and it
was alright, actually worked in my classes. and oh yea, i
sort of kinda talked to casey! i thought our friendship was
over, cuz he acted like i was annoying him, so i just
stopped talking to him, and he said that "i" was being the
weird one but i dunno, we will see what happens in the
future. the one thing that made me mad is that this girl
that i cant say i hate, more like envy, likes casey. every
single flippin guy i ever like...she likes him too. and it
really really really..REALLY bugs the "you know what" out
of me. and i cant be all bitchy to her cuz shes nice to me,
so i dont know how to treat the situation?? i dont think i
will ever have a chance with him, but it was worth a try
and i made a few friends here and there. so as i go off of
that..one of my good friends that ive made this year is
leaving me!..hes moving to seattle and ill probably only
see him once a year, which sucks, cuz im going to miss him
soo much!..i dont know how im going to take this last day
of school coming up. well i guess thats it for now, except
for the fact that i need to stop pigging out, and go do
something!..i will write to ya later.

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