Don Juan

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2002-05-10 03:27:38 (UTC)


My life is kinda boring right now... but not so bad. I
used to have a very troublesome, unhealthy, sinful, and
confusing life... but it was never boring. I've given up
most of what was my life a while ago to get rid of the pain
it caused... but now, it's just so boring!! I've never
asked for help before on this thing... but if you read
this... please give me feedback on this question: Is it
better to have a safe life and have it be boring... or is
it better to have a crazy and somewhat depressing life
which isn't as boring? I guess the better question would
be: Is the statement "live like you'll die tomorrow"
really what it's all cracked up to be. Please give me
feedback... I need it. Talk Later.

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