ThOuGhTs Of A LoTuS ChiLd
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2002-05-10 03:06:16 (UTC)


i went and played bingo for 4 hours tonight...haha no i
havent gone completely mental. my mom wanted me to go to
keep her company, i actually had fun but i didnt win a damn
finally got my room semi organized..i still have to dust
and vacuum...ack..i hate that.it has to be clean by
tommorrow night tho cuz burke and tibsy are comming over
and i dont want me room to be a mess.
ah tommorrow is THE day...im trying not to be so
nervous..i think my nerves are what could be making me sick
and unhealthy...i hope so anyways.
Tool is the greatest..just thought i'd tell you all..i
get to order there DVD Toology..now i just need to hook up
my dvd player.
Im reading Lost Souls again..i cant help it..the book is
wonder and Poppy Z Brite is the greatest thing since sliced
bread i tell ya.hah..i want to go get her book
Wormwood..but i cant find it around here...i'll prolly just
say fuck it ans read Drawing Blood yet AGAIN when im done
this one..
well adios...i'll write tommorrow night about how things
went with burkes visitation.