a little piece of me
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2002-05-10 02:56:48 (UTC)

the end is near

alright, now i'm starting to feel a little melancholy...the
house is so bare. after saturday, it's going to be
completely empty, except for the furniture that came with
the house. that's going to kill me. i won't be able to
talk to turtle, either...too many people will be here.
that really sucks. can't talk to heather until monday. i
always miss talking to her. she's so much fun. can't wait
til i get to visit her, either.

i got to pick up my cords today for tri-beta. they are so
ugly!! they're red and green (our colors--for
blood/animals and plants). oh well. they were free, too,
which is even better. tomorrow i have graduation
practice. that's going to be interesting. hopefully i can
find kristi or ty, so that i'm not in a huge crowded room
with nearly 2000 people i don't know (can we say panic
attack???). that's going to kill me. hopefully it won't
take very long. hopefully we don't have to sit in
alphabetical order, either...

blah...well, tomorrow is going to suck (aside from
practice). i have shitloads to do...gotta get the house
pretty damn clean and mow the yard. also change all the
bird cages and switch the babies into their own little
cage. gotta find something for my mom for mother's day,
and pull my hair out when dad and jeremy get here...that's
not going to be fun. ugh, i'm getting a headache just
thinking about it. there's something else i have to do,
i'm just not sure what it is. ugh.

alright, well, this may be the last entry for a few days.
hope everyone has a great weekend.