Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
2002-05-10 02:31:51 (UTC)

Just Bull Shit

I moved into my mom's house today. It feels really
strange and uncomfortable not to be in my usual room. I
am still getting used to the idea that I have two rooms.
The whole divorce experience in itself is so bazaar but at
the same time it makes so much sense. I really don't need
a family. I really don't want a family anymore. I feel
as though I have grown past all of that.
Things I Have To Look Forward To:
Well I got into that thing in New York so that will be
really fun. I just have to get in shape a little and get
some clothes and shit.
I only have two weeks of school left.
Walt is taking me to the movies this weekend.

Things I Have To Worry About:
I am going to New York for 5 weeks which means I will
miss all the parties this summer. And, while I am there I
won't be able to smoke or drink.
I have only two weeks till school is out but then I
only have a week until that tennis camp. Also, I have two
agonixing weeks to wait to find out if I slid by with that
plagerized paper on Evolution.
Walt is taking me to the movies but why isn't David?